Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cabinet of Shame.....


A friend said to me "Lets give the new Warhammer rules a go!"  I funnily enough said " Um.......ok!"  Now I haven't played Warhammer in years but have collected Dwarves for years.  Ok sorry "Duardin."
I have got a little bit of space again so I decided to buy a cabinet so I could see what I needed to painted.  Didn't really think that through properly.  So many boxes in the garage.
Now to start painting.  Now to choose a colour scheme!  And how do you choose and army with these new rules there doesn't seem to be a point system.  What Hit Points!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So much to do so little time.....

The past year really has bee a blur. Mainly due to a new job and that being shift work.  Working for 20 years 9.00 to 5.00 then to a schedule which is unsettling at the best of time can be a problem.  Also having a friend move in while her house is being built has meant that I have lost my computer/gaming room to my daughters room for when she comes and stays. Also the computer still takes up its fair share.

So I have decided to start small and build up.  I've decided to use one of 2 hour wargaming's rule sets (5150) so that I can start off as solo but other game rules will be used for air and space craft combat. I have decided on a sci-fi base for a bit of variety. To try and be creative and do a narrative or short stories to link missions around a main character. I also have set a few goals to along the way.  Painting miniatures is the main one but I have an Israeli Merkava tank to convert into a grav tank as well as different walkers and Gundam to work with.

So hopefully I'll be able to get started in the next couple of weeks painting.  I have started on the story line and some background on the main character and the system but that will be an on going process.

see you soon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Trying to get back in....

Well it has been a while.

Quite a bit going on but very little gaming. World of tanks has taken up what little time I do have.

Here are some pics though from the past few months.

My Russians against Tims Germans using Bolt Action.

Really my first game with these rules.  I did like them. Very easy.  It dragged out to a draw. The Russians cleared the infantry but could do little against the Stug in the end.

once again my first game.  Between Tim, Brendan and myself.
Tim was the two Rebel pilots.
Brendan and Myself had an Interceptor each.

We had two games and the Empire won both. "Long live the Emperor!"


Going through some of my gaming resources,

Really wanting to get back into Classic Battletech.  Just starting to repaint some of my miniatures.  The Guys at "Badga"  a gaming club in Bendigo have started to get back into.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tanking up my time.....o-

"Hi, My name is Bill and I am an Addict.   My addiction of choice is "World of Tanks".  I have a problem!"

This runs through my head every time I speak to my wife, with her annoyed look on her face.

This has been going on since Mid 2011.  I was happy to play and work my way through a few different types of tanks, but have come to the point of getting some decent vehicles. But I now pay for my addiction.  I cant really see anything changing anytime soon.

With Grinding my way through tanks I didn't like and being an average player my stats are not great. I have change my focus to try and change this and have been focusing on Stats.  I think this has made me a little more careful in my game play and I have seen great improvement in my stats but I have a long way to go to get them back to a decent level.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Id like to pay my respects to Donald Featherstone on his passing. The true father to my gaming addiction. 

I can remember as young boy finding his books at the local library. More so his rules for WW2 gaming.  This lead to the purchase of a lot of the Airfix 1/72 scale soldiers and some vehicles.  And from there things grew in scale.

Though over the years I have been in and out of the hobby, he more than anyone else has kindled the flame. 

R.I.P.  Donald Featherstone.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Round 6

This game was classed as a draw.  The other guy had his miniatures stolen on the day of the game.

Round 5. 3 in a row.

Match notes
The Round 5 Game between the “Blood Bay Maple Leaves” and “The Stomp” was awaited with baited breath by both coaches and fans alike. I’m sure that the Elves were hoping that the Orc’s just held their breath instead.

The Day started off with fine weather but as the kick off drew close the heavens opened up and the rain came down in buckets.

Even with this draw back the Elves won the toss and elected to receive. With their supreme elegance, once gaining the ball the flanking players streamed down the field, while their poor brothers in the line of scrimmage had to deal with a cranky Troll and a couple of brutish Black Orc’s. Once again The Stomp lacked any ability to do any serious damage to any of the Elves. The Elves were looking for a quick score and thought that they had found an opening. Even in the rain the pass was perfect but the Receiver was unable to brake though and back tracked. He attempted to pass to an open player but the ball was intercepted by Stuffem, a Black Orc.

With the ball in the Orc’s hands they attempted to get into their scoring half but were not able to get past the half way line. The Elves defenders ran rings around them but were unable to strip the ball from The Stomp players. During this half The Troll spent a large portion of the half just picking its nose and watch the little dancing thingies that ran around him. 2 casualties were rendered though, one by the wayward Troll and the other by one of the Blitzer’s. (The Dice ran hot and cold for this half…)

With the coming of the second half the weather cleared and the Orc’s were to receive the ball. “The Stomp” knew that the “Blood Bay Maple Leaves” were too quick for them. So they tried to grind them into the ground, with only a modicum of success. With some luck and a fair amount of time the Orc cage had made its way through the Elves line and left them pummeled. Tonk strolled in the Touchdown with only two turns left for the Elves.

On receiving the Ball the “Blood Bay Maple Leaves” players didn’t give up the Orc’s stopped one side of the field though. But 2 Elves made it close to their scoring end but were held up and unable to get the ball to the player that had the best chance of scoring.

“The Stomp” 1 def. “Blood Bay Maple Leaves” 0.