Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Stomp ... Part1

It has been a while. I have been doing bits and pieces but no real gaming of any sort.

The last five games of the Blood Bowl league was gruelling, All against bashy teams. I ended up retiring pretty much all my line men due to to many injuries. So the Humans "Gavendorf Griffins" have been place on the inactive list.

Now I am working on two teams for next years season. 1st: The Stomp. An orc team. A mixture of plastic and old edition metals. 2nd: Is a Vampire team using Strigois as Vampires and the old metal Ghouls as thralls.

You may notice some WHF Black orcs which will be my Black Orc fill ins. Not sure what I will do with the plastic BO's at the moment, original I thought that they would be the other Blitzers but I have a couple of metals to do that. Nothing really new here, we have seen these used before. Like the human team these guys are to try and improve my painting. We will see.

I did pick these guys up cheaply and will be using the Orc as the coach. Also have a couple of these small guys as team markers with a little alteration. (This picture has been used without permission of GWS)

Hopefull have a bit done by christmas. We will see........

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Uniforms, insignia and organisation...

Just picked this book up at my local second hand book store. A great reference book and highly recomend it Covering all the theaters as well as most nations involved. Great illustrations so when I actually get around to painting I will have half an idea. Not that I have done a lot of anything of late painting wise or gaming wise.

The only issue I have with it is that it has a Royal Australian Navy Leading seaman holding a baseball bat!???

Two blood bowl games 2 be added in the next few days.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Round 5 MBBL

Round 5 was going to be a tough challenge. Up against the "Skye Hoppers" a Slann team with a TV of over 2 million.

I didn't go any star players but did purchase the standard re rolls and Budweiser babes and 3x 50k mayhem card, 2 of which were used and one that I almost played in the last couple of turns.

Over all, the game was a real struggle. What didn't help was that my Ogre was Ko'd for the entire game from his first turn of the game. All I could do was hope to try and make him roll for everything. But by half time I only had 4 players on the field and was 1 -0 Down, Saying that, the touch down didn't happen till the last turn of the half. I ended up with 1 Badly Hurt and the rest Ko'd.

The second half was not really much better I was just trying to stem the flow of frogs. I was able to pull back a quick touchdown by opening a hole in his defence and with a pass to my 9 movement blitzer I was able to squeak in just before they could hit him. Once again my players did ended up in the dugout. Another TD was bounced in. I had 3 turns to equalise.

I had a bit of fun with the cards I had. I cant remember the names exactly. 1 was Rouge wizard. With this I was only able to stun one of his players. The other was a card that allowed me to take away a players skills for my turn and his. The 3rd card was I think Bad Moon which changed all the players stats to Goblins. I was very tempted to use this card but I had my 2 AG 4 players there for a pick up the ball and pass as well as a dodge.

So on my last turn I had a slim chance to for a touch down. My Blitzer Dodged away from one of the slan players and moved a couple the couple of squares to the ball. Picked up the ball in a tackle zone (using a re roll) and went to throw the ball and stuffed the throw to the catcher.....Doh!!!

2-1 Final score. Touch games.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wish I had one! or three...

I found this on my such of other blogs.

I don't play 40k but some stuff is just to good.


He has some other nicely converted vehicles.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Round 3 & 4 of Bloodbowl.

Well the season goes on. Round 3 ended in a forfeit. My opponent had a small medical procedure done and ended up not able to make it on the day. We tried to reschedule but life and the distance was to great to get around. Round 4. The Griffins (TV 158) were up against a Norse Team called the Northern Warriors (TV 108 I think). So he added 2 Bloodweiser babes and the Star Player Snow troll (Icepelt)... The game started off well. He Received but we rolled a blitz so I had a bit of a jump on him. But he was able to keep hold of the ball for 6 turns. I was able to KO 4 players and his Ulf (which never made it back onto the ground for the rest of the game, Rolled a 1 every time to see if he was conscious.) So by my turn 6 I was able to knock the ball free and get a TD in turn 8. Half time. 1-0 up. The second half was a complete contrast. By my turn 5 I had 5 players in the KO box including my Ogre, who had possibly one of his worst games. So he had a TD by his turn 5. By his turn 6 I once again had 3 players in the KO bin as well as the Ogre again. Even with Thick skull. The amount of double "1's" I through in this game was laughable. But by the end of my Turn 8 I was 3 squares short of a second TD. It would have only been 1 if I had gone for it twice, but no need to see him face plant himself and kill himself for no reason.... Don't laugh it has happened to me before... It was a good game, and my opponent was a great guy. Newly converted player and a tradie. So he wasn't a snotty nose so and so, who looked down there nose at you because you have to check the book once and a while. No major injuries was good as well and My Orger was able to get his first skill. Unfortunately no Double. So he has Break Tackle.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Missed it! by that much...

I have been dying for a game of Mordheim for a long time. As with ever thing else life has got in the road. Last weekend I went into the local Games Bunker, they have been promising since it opened that they would start playing Mordheim. I notice on there latest newsletter that they would be running a one off day of Mordheim and it happens to be on the day of my daughters Birthday. Stymied again...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Round 2 MBBL season 5

Well, my first game for the season and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had the Bye in round one and my opposition "Woodchuck Blitzers" a Wood elf team had a 5 nil win in round 1. Now I did have an advantage in Team value of 26. The inducements he took were the standard Re roll, Apothecary and Budweiser Girls. Her also had a Journey man added to the team.

The Weather ended up Very sunny, so that hampered the passing game, and with a crowd of 20,000 showing up for the game I hope I didn't embarrass myself. And with the Pre-game done the game began.

The WElves won the toss and received. and received an extra re-roll for the half with cheering fans... I had a reasonable deep defence but it seemed to be of no consequence to the war dancer after he received a pass from a catcher. TOUCH DOWN in turn 3. My head was realign and thought "her we go!"

Ok! my turn. Kick off..... Blitz for the WElves..... TOUCH DOWN in turn 5 D'oh..... Now it wasn't all one way but it did seem that way. I had one KO but nothing serious so far and I hadn't done anything more than stun.

Ok! take 2, try again.... Blitz for the WElves..... I was able to stop him from getting a 3rd touch down, just!!.... But the good thing was I took out his War dancer with a Badly hurt. And that was the end of the first half.

But with that injury and now being a man down the second half started with a different feel. And the crowd started it off with a Thrown rock to Stun a WElf line man. And with that came a quick TOUCH DOWN by the Griffins in turn 2 with a pass by the Thrower and a TD A Catcher.

Turn 3 didn't go well with the Welves 2 serious injuries, one apothecaried down to a Badly hurt.

TOUCH DOWN turn 5 walked in by a Griffin Blitzer.

TOUCH DOWN turn 7 ran in by a Griffin Catcher.

A true tale of 2 halves. I know I had the more developed team and he ended up with only 11 men at the start of the game. All I can say is "Yeah!! a Win!!!"... Just I don't play him again when his team is more

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A start to a new Bloodbowl season for MBBL

I have my first game for the Bloodbowl season tonight. I haven't had a great deal off success so far in this league but I can only hope it gets better but I dont believe it will be tonight. My Gavendorf Griffins (Humans) TV131 vs Woodchuck's Blitzers (Wood Elves) TV 98...

Wood elves are always hard to pin down, I only hope that I can take out a couple of his players early. Like his Wardancer.

I had a Bye for the first round and I am very rusty on the rules.

But all I wish is to have a game without a death compared to last season which involved 4 of 5 deaths.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gobbo or Nobels?

I saw this link while surfing one of the many blogs that are out there. They are amazing.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some terrain

I haven't made terrain in about 12 to 15 years and I have seen a few other blogs using cds as bases, simple and easy. These are suposed to be generic. These were my first attempt.

This is the next one, just primed.

An old kryomek resin crater, a few more to follow.

These guys I'm playing around with. Possibly sci-fi based power node, communications, electric fences etc...

It may look like progress...

I think I have been putting off doing any major amount of painting, One major reason is that I'm a very average painter and that I can get very lazy/distracted. I have been doing a bit of priming and basing though.

Some 28mm Russians, some Bolt Action, BTD/Harlequine. With some Ghurkas (unsure of the make)
These guys are going to be some test subjects for my dwarf army. Some will be used as a Dwarf Warband

This guy is one of my favourate dwarfs I own, not 100% sure but he just has character.