Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Missed it! by that much...

I have been dying for a game of Mordheim for a long time. As with ever thing else life has got in the road. Last weekend I went into the local Games Bunker, they have been promising since it opened that they would start playing Mordheim. I notice on there latest newsletter that they would be running a one off day of Mordheim and it happens to be on the day of my daughters Birthday. Stymied again...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Round 2 MBBL season 5

Well, my first game for the season and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had the Bye in round one and my opposition "Woodchuck Blitzers" a Wood elf team had a 5 nil win in round 1. Now I did have an advantage in Team value of 26. The inducements he took were the standard Re roll, Apothecary and Budweiser Girls. Her also had a Journey man added to the team.

The Weather ended up Very sunny, so that hampered the passing game, and with a crowd of 20,000 showing up for the game I hope I didn't embarrass myself. And with the Pre-game done the game began.

The WElves won the toss and received. and received an extra re-roll for the half with cheering fans... I had a reasonable deep defence but it seemed to be of no consequence to the war dancer after he received a pass from a catcher. TOUCH DOWN in turn 3. My head was realign and thought "her we go!"

Ok! my turn. Kick off..... Blitz for the WElves..... TOUCH DOWN in turn 5 D'oh..... Now it wasn't all one way but it did seem that way. I had one KO but nothing serious so far and I hadn't done anything more than stun.

Ok! take 2, try again.... Blitz for the WElves..... I was able to stop him from getting a 3rd touch down, just!!.... But the good thing was I took out his War dancer with a Badly hurt. And that was the end of the first half.

But with that injury and now being a man down the second half started with a different feel. And the crowd started it off with a Thrown rock to Stun a WElf line man. And with that came a quick TOUCH DOWN by the Griffins in turn 2 with a pass by the Thrower and a TD A Catcher.

Turn 3 didn't go well with the Welves 2 serious injuries, one apothecaried down to a Badly hurt.

TOUCH DOWN turn 5 walked in by a Griffin Blitzer.

TOUCH DOWN turn 7 ran in by a Griffin Catcher.

A true tale of 2 halves. I know I had the more developed team and he ended up with only 11 men at the start of the game. All I can say is "Yeah!! a Win!!!"... Just I don't play him again when his team is more developed....lol

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A start to a new Bloodbowl season for MBBL

I have my first game for the Bloodbowl season tonight. I haven't had a great deal off success so far in this league but I can only hope it gets better but I dont believe it will be tonight. My Gavendorf Griffins (Humans) TV131 vs Woodchuck's Blitzers (Wood Elves) TV 98...

Wood elves are always hard to pin down, I only hope that I can take out a couple of his players early. Like his Wardancer.

I had a Bye for the first round and I am very rusty on the rules.

But all I wish is to have a game without a death compared to last season which involved 4 of 5 deaths.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gobbo or Nobels?

I saw this link while surfing one of the many blogs that are out there. They are amazing.