Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You little ripper!

A large parcel was waiting for me at home. My figures from France have arrived, not to bad about a 10 day turn around. Far better than my 7 month wait from black tree design but we wont go there.

So happy with them.... They are assembled and painted a bonus in my book. Now just need to play a game!

I will have to get get some picture up of some of the started doing. I have bought a lot lately.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

To good to pass up!!!

"It was just to good to pass up!!!" will be what I tell my wife about my new purchase.

I was speaking to Timbo74 on the weekend when he brought to my attention that Rackham was having up to 70% off some of there miniatures. And I have been wanting some of the AT-43 Mechs and vehicles for a Weird World War 2 type game. I have seen others on sites using them.

The choice was limited but overall I'm happy. Here are some pics from the site of what I got. I'm more happy that I dont have to really paint these guys, apart from some touch ups etc.

So The Russians and Germans are covered here and the americans will be using the GW Sentinal. Now to actually finish painting the rest of the figures I have.