Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wish I had one! or three...

I found this on my such of other blogs.

I don't play 40k but some stuff is just to good.


He has some other nicely converted vehicles.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Round 3 & 4 of Bloodbowl.

Well the season goes on. Round 3 ended in a forfeit. My opponent had a small medical procedure done and ended up not able to make it on the day. We tried to reschedule but life and the distance was to great to get around. Round 4. The Griffins (TV 158) were up against a Norse Team called the Northern Warriors (TV 108 I think). So he added 2 Bloodweiser babes and the Star Player Snow troll (Icepelt)... The game started off well. He Received but we rolled a blitz so I had a bit of a jump on him. But he was able to keep hold of the ball for 6 turns. I was able to KO 4 players and his Ulf (which never made it back onto the ground for the rest of the game, Rolled a 1 every time to see if he was conscious.) So by my turn 6 I was able to knock the ball free and get a TD in turn 8. Half time. 1-0 up. The second half was a complete contrast. By my turn 5 I had 5 players in the KO box including my Ogre, who had possibly one of his worst games. So he had a TD by his turn 5. By his turn 6 I once again had 3 players in the KO bin as well as the Ogre again. Even with Thick skull. The amount of double "1's" I through in this game was laughable. But by the end of my Turn 8 I was 3 squares short of a second TD. It would have only been 1 if I had gone for it twice, but no need to see him face plant himself and kill himself for no reason.... Don't laugh it has happened to me before... It was a good game, and my opponent was a great guy. Newly converted player and a tradie. So he wasn't a snotty nose so and so, who looked down there nose at you because you have to check the book once and a while. No major injuries was good as well and My Orger was able to get his first skill. Unfortunately no Double. So he has Break Tackle.