Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some terrain

I haven't made terrain in about 12 to 15 years and I have seen a few other blogs using cds as bases, simple and easy. These are suposed to be generic. These were my first attempt.

This is the next one, just primed.

An old kryomek resin crater, a few more to follow.

These guys I'm playing around with. Possibly sci-fi based power node, communications, electric fences etc...

It may look like progress...

I think I have been putting off doing any major amount of painting, One major reason is that I'm a very average painter and that I can get very lazy/distracted. I have been doing a bit of priming and basing though.

Some 28mm Russians, some Bolt Action, BTD/Harlequine. With some Ghurkas (unsure of the make)
These guys are going to be some test subjects for my dwarf army. Some will be used as a Dwarf Warband

This guy is one of my favourate dwarfs I own, not 100% sure but he just has character.