Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cabinet of Shame.....


A friend said to me "Lets give the new Warhammer rules a go!"  I funnily enough said " Um.......ok!"  Now I haven't played Warhammer in years but have collected Dwarves for years.  Ok sorry "Duardin."
I have got a little bit of space again so I decided to buy a cabinet so I could see what I needed to painted.  Didn't really think that through properly.  So many boxes in the garage.
Now to start painting.  Now to choose a colour scheme!  And how do you choose and army with these new rules there doesn't seem to be a point system.  What Hit Points!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So much to do so little time.....

The past year really has bee a blur. Mainly due to a new job and that being shift work.  Working for 20 years 9.00 to 5.00 then to a schedule which is unsettling at the best of time can be a problem.  Also having a friend move in while her house is being built has meant that I have lost my computer/gaming room to my daughters room for when she comes and stays. Also the computer still takes up its fair share.

So I have decided to start small and build up.  I've decided to use one of 2 hour wargaming's rule sets (5150) so that I can start off as solo but other game rules will be used for air and space craft combat. I have decided on a sci-fi base for a bit of variety. To try and be creative and do a narrative or short stories to link missions around a main character. I also have set a few goals to along the way.  Painting miniatures is the main one but I have an Israeli Merkava tank to convert into a grav tank as well as different walkers and Gundam to work with.

So hopefully I'll be able to get started in the next couple of weeks painting.  I have started on the story line and some background on the main character and the system but that will be an on going process.

see you soon.