Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Trying to get back in....

Well it has been a while.

Quite a bit going on but very little gaming. World of tanks has taken up what little time I do have.

Here are some pics though from the past few months.

My Russians against Tims Germans using Bolt Action.

Really my first game with these rules.  I did like them. Very easy.  It dragged out to a draw. The Russians cleared the infantry but could do little against the Stug in the end.

once again my first game.  Between Tim, Brendan and myself.
Tim was the two Rebel pilots.
Brendan and Myself had an Interceptor each.

We had two games and the Empire won both. "Long live the Emperor!"


Going through some of my gaming resources,

Really wanting to get back into Classic Battletech.  Just starting to repaint some of my miniatures.  The Guys at "Badga"  a gaming club in Bendigo have started to get back into.