Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Blood Bowl season has started.

Season 7 has begun.  Now I havent taken any photos at this stage.  Mainly because I havent finished painting my Orc team "The Stomp".

 My first match was against Siwan Shufflers a Khemri Team.  Who by the won the award last season for being the "Most Brutal"

Now I did have 110 I think in inducements. I ended up with 2 Budwiser Babes.

Now I took this from the match notes from our game report.

"Match notes
The Shufflers' fans were struggling to contain their impatience over the off-season. One particularly exuberant follower tossed a well-aimed pebble badly hurting a Black Orc just as the opening kick-off took place. Almost immediately after, The Stomp's troll was knocked out, leaving them two men down and dangerously out-strengthed.
The Shufflers could not capitalise immediately, with the Thro-Ras fumbling the ball in the backfield for 5 turns, before finally moving the ball forward. A last turn TD allowed the Khemri to breathe (er... or whatever the undead do) a sigh of relief at half-time
The second half saw a particularly bad turnover leave The Stomp struggling to contain the khemri. A second TD followed, and to add insult to injury, a ridiculous third touchdown was scored in the final turn of the game.
You'd think a 3-0 loss to Khemri would mean you played badly, but the reality was Billo did little wrong, and I had an extraordinary game. Last turn TD involved a Blit-Ra pick-up, hand-off and three GFIs. Didn't even need a reroll."

Yes! for the first half I was a Black orc and a Troll down from the get go against 4 Mummies and a +Strength player!!!  My previous 5 seasons luck has followed on to the new season.  Yes, you can laugh.........
By the end of the 1st half I had another 2 in the Ko Box.  And by the end of the second half I had another BH and 2 more back in the Ko Box again.
Now I must admitt that I have made some silly choices and my rolling has been ordinary but I wish the goblins I have in my team to stop taking the MVPs...