Thursday, December 30, 2010

The end of 2010

Well with the closing of another year where I did very little of anything apart from work I have made a decision for next year, a resolution to befit this time of year. I intend to attend a localish gaming club. I am a member of MBBL but that is only every three weeks and just blood bowl and I continually buy miniatures etc for other projects but due to lack of motivation more gaming is required. I don't get back to Bendigo to play at BADGA or catch up with mates very often. So this may help.

I did buy for myself from the local Mindgames bargain bin. A skirmish game which I have a tendency to like such as mordheim...
The only problem seem to have misplaced about 10 to 12 western mini's that I had.
I really need to focus this year. I have to many minitures sitting around gathering dust as well as being unpainted.
Well. I hope tomorrow is a better year for all....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Good Reference

Picked this up at the local second hand book store for a reasonable price. (I think I got lucky, it didnt have a price on it. And at this store they are normally about $40 to $60 for a hard cover but I got it for half that.). I do like having references like this for any chance of a game and background info. I have a few books like but this does have some detailed mapping, well enough for me anyway.

I have been playing around with terrain of late. just trying a few things out, I havent done any for about 15 years. I'm trying to make them generic for possibly "Nuts" & "Mordheim" etc. Hopefully have a few picks up soon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Steampunk weapons

I was walking past a novelty shop on the weekend and these caught my eye in the window. Now the prices were cheaper than what they are on the website, between $40 to $60. The one I really wanted to get isn't on the site for some reason. This one was $199 It was a very nice Blunderbuss about 80cm long and some nice detailing. But have a look.

Yes! I have done something. Not finished though.

I have actually done some painting but mainly tests at the moment. I haven't done a lot of painting over the years and relearning a lot of stuff as I go.

I don't know why I started with these guys. I have a lot of old figures such the late 80's, 90's plastic skeleton. I have about 60 of those. The archer I was trying to get a crusader style look but was struggling to it right so I went with the leather jerkin look.

Some more of a few things undercoated and awaiting paint.

These guys I got in a trade. Not a 100% sure of these guys they may be Ghurkers but will probably paint them up as Aussies for a North Africa campaign.

These guys are from Eureka Miniature. I got them for possibly a Zombie survivors etc.
They still need to be finalised everything but at least I'm getting there.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hunter Prey

I layed hands on a copy of Hunter Prey recently. I wasn't expecting much. But I was pleasantly surprised by it. I have seen similar story lines over the years but overall I thought it was worth watching.

I must admit I have to go into movies now with low expectations or otherwise I do come away with a disappointed feeling as with "The Expendables."!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to Reality.

Well! Back to reality with a thud. Back sitting in front of my work computer after two glourious weeks in Thailand. I highly recommend that you go there.

There was an up side though when I got back these guys below (minus the bottom right guy.) were waiting for me at home.

I've been buying a range of sci-fi minis laterly in the hope of possibly some sort of skirmish. Possibly in the "Battletech Universe" or something similar maybe like "Serenity". I never played Necromundia or really much of 40k.

I will try and get some photos of what I have up, some of the miniatures that I have bought I am unsure of the manufacture but they were from Spain.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What the Tusk!!!

I picked these guys very cheaply from my local store. I don't play Lord of the rings but I do like these guys and they can be used for a multitude of games. Tim has inspired me to add these guys in regards to the Tusk rules.

I am off to Thailand for 2 weeks, A belated Honeymoon. But I am determined to get stuck into the painting when I get back. I have so many figures in boxes. If I actually paint them I may be able to get to play with them. A bit like "Build it and they will come!"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What another one!

Well it was the final game of the season. My Humans (128) vs Beer Chugging Dwarfs (162).

Not feeling confident against such a bashy type team I went with 2 Extra Re rolls and a Extra apothecary. Well and one was needed very early. 1st turn I had the ball, My Orge goes to hit a line man and rolls 2 Both down. I tried to use a re roll with the loner skill and bang not allowed. Rolled 10 for armour and 11 for injury followed by 63 on the injury table......DEAD! Luckily I think the Wandering Apothecary attended the Ogre because I rolled a 16 and he was back in the game, thank Sigmar! Even with such a disastrous start I was able to get a 5th turn touchdown. and only had 1 Ko for the rest of the half and I was able to BH a line man and his only available Troll slayer, So I was able to hold off his advances for the rest of the half.

The second half was a different story.
By the end of the second half I was luck to have 5 players on the field. The Ogre got BH a line man lost -1AV and my AG 4 Blitzer lost a -1MA I ended up not using the other Apothecary I was waiting for another death or a more serious injury. The Dwarfs were able to get an equaliser about the 5th turn of the half which gave me a chance. On the last turn of the game I had my thrower with the ball and a bitzer in the end zone and then promptly rolled two 2's and the ball went into the crowd.

So for a quick wrap up for the season. 11 games, 3 forfeits (meaning wins) 1 actual win, 3 draws and 4 losses. 13 TD's for and 13 TD's against, 13 casualties caused and 16 casualties received.

Not a Stella season by any means but I have been playing catch up with loosing some key players. Also if I play them next season my first game my team value will only be 102 until I get 3 players back for the following game. All things aside I will probably have another season with these guys even though I have a few other teams to try. Also I have to finish painting them along with everything else I have. But the weather will be getting a bit warmer and I wont freeze in the room that I have for my gaming room. :s

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another one bites the dust.....again

Round 10 of the Melbourne Blood Bowl League.

The Gavendorf Griffins (My Human Team) TV 133 were to Play the League leader, the Fictional Folk (Human) TV 175.

Not having a Stella season I wasn't expecting to get a win or even a draw out of this game. I normally don't like hiring star players I went with "The Mighty Zug" to try and compensate for his extra strength player and his Ogre. and an extra re roll.

With the first drive the Griffins were able to get a turn four TD a completed pass by a line man needing a 6 due to being bright and having a tackle zone to a Blitzer in the end zone. The luck stuck with me for most of the game and Greg the other coach was rolling very poorly most of the time. Really the Fictional Folk had 3 good chances that should have been guaranteed TD's but just having a players there to make him roll those 1's.... Near the end of the last half he was able to cause some casualties and get a TD.

The game ended in a 1 all draw with 2 Badly Hurt and another death.

The 6th death for the team this season. 7 games played and 3 forfeits.....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Puppy love.

I havent had much time to myself of late, we have had had a friend stay with us until he finds a new place to live. Now we have 1 dog, our friend had 3 before one gave birth to another 3 puppies, So as you can imaging the house isnt as spotless as it was. They are all great dogs but they do tend to follow you about and if you fall asleep on the couch you can find yourself with a fur coat on when you wake up. The 3 puppies are now seven weeks old and becoming more active.

I have decided to do a miniature count to actually figure out what I have. I have packed alot away in boxes and am unsure of what I have anymore and after about 20 years of hording I should make a list so I can make some realistic goals. I'm sick of not playing and when I do generally with unpainted or badly painted from years ago. I have started painting some Bloodbowl teams, Dwarf, Halflings and Humans.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You little ripper!

A large parcel was waiting for me at home. My figures from France have arrived, not to bad about a 10 day turn around. Far better than my 7 month wait from black tree design but we wont go there.

So happy with them.... They are assembled and painted a bonus in my book. Now just need to play a game!

I will have to get get some picture up of some of the started doing. I have bought a lot lately.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

To good to pass up!!!

"It was just to good to pass up!!!" will be what I tell my wife about my new purchase.

I was speaking to Timbo74 on the weekend when he brought to my attention that Rackham was having up to 70% off some of there miniatures. And I have been wanting some of the AT-43 Mechs and vehicles for a Weird World War 2 type game. I have seen others on sites using them.

The choice was limited but overall I'm happy. Here are some pics from the site of what I got. I'm more happy that I dont have to really paint these guys, apart from some touch ups etc.

So The Russians and Germans are covered here and the americans will be using the GW Sentinal. Now to actually finish painting the rest of the figures I have.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pic on the phone.

I found these Pictures on my phone from last years "Little Wars" while cleaning it out, These were of one of the WW1 Table

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A step closer

I got around to cleaning up the study and found the 15mm Gladiators from Eureka, so I based them and have started to paint them but here are a couple of pictures to start. So I will get a couple of games under way soon.

New Rules...

I went into my local Games workshop store on saturday just to have a look around. As alway I wash shock at some of the prices of there mini's but I have been collecting a few things over the years, even though I haven't played the game since about 93 or 94.

While there I was shown there new set of rule that will be coming out. It does look like a very nice production, full colour etc... No idea about the actual rules but hey!

But I am very tempted. I would like to play I have a Dwarf army that hasn't been used in about 16 years and has been added to. As well as Bretonnian, Orcs and Undead.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Run continues.

Round 7 at MBBL . The Gavendorf Griffins (My Humans) vs The Hewstone Gamblers. Getting 130+k worth of inducements went to an extra re roll for the game. I did consider the Budwiser babes but really how bad could it be, right!...

So far this season with a fresh team I have had 3 wins from forfeits, 1 Draw and 3 losses. So far out of 4 played games there has been 4 deaths.

First half: The game started off promising with winning the toss and receiving the ball. The opening block by Kronk (Ogre) was a casualty. But for most of the rest of the half the Griffin's fought to make a hole in the dwarfs defence. I think in turn 6 one of my catchers was block and killed. So the Apothecary was brought forth and earned his pay and revived the player. But more was to come. In the same turn 2 blitzers made a break with the ball down the left flank but were only stopped by 2 dwarfs who needed 4 go for it rolls , this included KO'ing the ball carrier. This changed the flow of the game. I think the dwarfs must have recovered from the hang over they must have been suffering earlier. By the end of the first half I had 4 in the KO box and 1 Blitzer Badly Hurt and my star Blitzer Dead. 5 Dead in 5 Games.!!!!!

Second Half: At the start of the Half the Griffin's had 8 fit players 1 Ogre, 1 Blitzer, 2 Catchers and 4 Linemen. The Dwarfs controlled the pace of the game for the rest of the half by slow ball movement (is there any other way with Dwarfs) of the ball and tried to grind down the remaining defenders. The Griffin's did almost cause a freak turn over but the numbers were not with me. By turn 7 I had 3 linemen left and the 2 catchers. and the Dwarfs walked in a TD. 1-0 and that is how it ended.

Postmortem: Well the horror run continues. With such a promising start for most of the first half the game devolved into a bloodbath. It shows what a bit of luck can do. The death toll is really telling on the team now. I still have 11 players for the next game but I only now have 2 Blitzers, 2 Catchers, 1 Ogre and 6 linemen. I only got 10k out of the winnings which gives me 70k in the bank. so no help there. With the lost of one of my star players my team value will drop back to about 118 I think.........Doh! One thing I have been happy with is the great performance by Kronk, he has been a great asset to the team and by far the best player in the team at the moment.

With only 4 games left in this season I am thinking that I will be looking at starting a new team once again for next season. I cant see them recovering from this. Time will tell.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Robbery at Timboton City Bank

"A Brazen attack on the Timboton City Bank yesterday was partially foiled by the local law of the town. Four masked bandits raided the bank late in the afternoon just before closing, we believe in the attempt to have the whole night to get away before anyone knew that bank was robbed. The brave bank manager was severely wounded when he broke free and ran out to warn the towns folk. A gun fight in sued were two robbers were apprehended, while two more absconded with what money they could carry. Two of the fine law enforcement protecting this fine town have also been injured in the line of duty. We the citizens of this town are lucky to have such fine upstanding men protecting us. I am sure the two remaining desperado's will soon be captured. " An extract from the Timboton Gazette

I was in Bendigo yesterday and caught up Timbo for a game of anything that was available. So Gunshot was chosen. This was the first time I had played this and hadn't seen the rules but as Tim said it was very easy. We kept it simple. We didn't use any of the skills, just a straight out shooting match. Timbo took some shots of the game. But the scenario was a the Robbers (me) to get off the far table edge unfortunately there happened 4 law men (Tim) in the road.

I'm looking forward to playing this some more.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another one bites the dust,

Round 6 of the MBBL, for the Gavendorf Griffins. Up against a Necromancer team called "Screaming in the Night" (Run by Luke.). So far in the past five rounds I have had 3 losses and 2 forfeits, so not a stella start by any means.

With a low turn for the game of only 15000 fans. The "Griffins" had a 100k incentive which allowed for a little extra training. Even though the crowed was smallish they made themselves felt by throwing a rock and Ko'n one of my Catchers. This was going to set a bit of a trend for the Humans. The first half was a hard fought grinding game which saw 3 Humans in the K'o Box. The "Griffins" drive was easily blunted after Von Drake, the teams Thrower and captain had his head removed by a Flesh Golem; all the Apothecary could say was "Well, my jobs done here!" and the "Scream" scuttled one in on turn 6. And to make matters worse they got an extra player out of my player.

The 2nd half was another back and forth affair where the "Griffins" got on top and caused 2 casualties which allowed for some open spaces and was able to get through for a TD by turn 6. That effectively ended the game after that and ended in a stalemate.

It was the first time that I have used an Ogre, well in the past 10 or so years anyway and I would say he was close to best on ground by passing all his rolls for bone head, so therefore played havoc with the opposition.

But with another death in the team it makes it 3 deaths in 6 games. Still not as good as what the Norseberg raiders had but still worrying.

Also Luke was a great opponent, friendly and talkative which is always good, but doesn't always happen.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

For those about to Die! we salute you.

I have had the rules sitting around for a while for "Red Sand, Blue Sky." by Two Hour Wargames. I bought some 15mm Gladiators from Eureka miniatures a while ago when I first got the rules and some Castaway figure from ebay recently. So the stars have aligned! (and my wife is starting night shift; And seeing others playing it.) So I might get around to painting them up and trying to get a few games to see how it goes before I buy more 15mm or get some 28mm.

So starts the stories of Humodis and Vertos; Two newly aquired slaves from the recent expansion of the Roman empire. Sold to a lowly Roman Nobels for his ammusement and his gladiator stable.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gavendorf Griffins

As Bloodbowl is the only gaming I am actually doing at the moment I thought I might mention it....

This is my second full season with the MBBL where we play every 3 weeks. This season I have gone with a human team. The previous season I had played Norse and really struggled due to injuries and deaths and a lack of any coaching ability.

The Humans have put up a slightly better effort but not by much. The first 3 games have been losses. Two of the first 3 games were a 2-3 score lines. One against a slightly more developed Woodelf team and the second against Slann team. But the last 2 games have been Forfeit in my favour.

But a game, any game win, loss or draw is good and preferred.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Basing, lying down on the job.

I have been basing all my WW2 figures on washers, well the standing ones anyway. I do like the low profiles of the washers. The dilema is that the bases/washers are not big enough for prone figures or support weapons. At the moment the other options I have end up being as thick as the Warhammer stands. I did buy some Russians on ebay who were based on Warhammer bases (squares for standing and horse bases for prone.) and they do seem to bulky beside the washers.

I liked an idea the another site uses for his scenery. "Black Primer" uses old cd/dvd discs to base his terrain. I did think possibly using those mini cd (if I could get my hands on some) for at least the support teams if not the prone figures.

Apart from that I have limited options at this stage.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

logo's for the local leagues

For the past few years I have had a couple of project that I have not followed up due to timing and family issues and of coarse being lazy. One was customising fields for local BB leagues. I have also done some logos for these teams as well. I have lost some of the art between computers but here are a couple. I have some more as well that need to be finished.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pinky swear!!!

Well I made a promise to myself not to spend any money on anymore miniatures. Mainly due to the fact that I have hundred of miniature that are unpainted.

That lasted about a week...

I have found that I seem to collect more than anything else now. I have tried to traded off or sell some over the past few months. But yesterday I bought a Warhammer 40k Imperial Sentinel. Not because I have a 40K imperial army. Well I don't! I bought it for a Weird WW2 project, in the vain hope that I might play it at some stage. Due to a large amount of 28mm WW2 figures I have got.

The Sentinel will be an American War walker of some type yet undisclosed. I have also been trying to get some AT-43 Mechanoids for German and Russian Walkers. I have seen a lot or Weird WW2 stuff out there but Dream Pod 9 with their Blitz Krieg game was the influence for me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Movies that have influenced my gaming....

I have always been a sucker for a good war movie. Some of the older classics are still my favourites.

There is no particular order and the what I can remember:

Kelly's Hero's.
Where the Eagles Dare.
The Eagle has landed.
The Bridge to far.
The Battle of Britain.
Battle of the Bulge.
The Dirty Dozen 1 & 2.
The Great Escape.
The Guns of Navarone

I'm sure there are many more and happy to have some to be added.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

A couple of more pic's from the phone.

These guys are hopefully for a range of games. A friends has talked about some zombie related skirmishs. So the top picture are SWAT, the next are miniatures from Eureka, Some Russians in Chemical suits and some German Bundeswehr. So hopefully they will get a bit of use one day.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some pics from my phone.

I took these a few months ago before I moved. None are finished at this stage and nothing more has been done so far. These are ust some of my Germans, a mixture of different unit types. I really need to get onto them and finish at least some of them off.
Some more pics to follow later.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

One of the Distractions.

As mentioned before I do get distracted. This is my current time waster, Company of Heros. The first and second one. Not historically correct etc... But a nice game none the less. Also the Brothers in Arms is also a good one.
I'm in the process of organising some pics of my rather large pile of unpainted miniatures to get the scope of what I am up against........

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Coming soon....hopefully

The reason for doing this is that I have recently moved from an apartment to a house which has allowed me to have my own gaming room where I don't have to pack up a project I'm working on every time as I did in the apartment. My wife has been understanding but there are limits....

So I am trying to organise some small bite size projects to get me back into the swing of things. I have plenty of half painted miniatures hanging around, terrain to construct and some graphic work as well.

I really need to get my Human Bloodbowl team finished for MBBL. We are 2 games into the season and only got the base colours done....

I went mad on 28mm WW2 figures that are there as well which I am dying to use.... The list is quite extensive which I will work out later.

I will hopefully start to put some images up when I have something decent to show. (Well decent maybe a to strong a word...)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Beginning.....

Well this is hopefully a beginning of a more organised me. Having enjoyed gaming as a young man I have sadly been unable to do much over the past 15 or so years. Work, relationships, moving away from friends in general.

I have still over the years collected miniatures..... Went mad when I found ebay........

Blood Bowl has crept back into my life over the past 3 or 4 years, so far averaging 3 games a year. Mainly with a gaming club called BADGA, nowplaying in a regular league with MBBL over the past 2 years.

Still not enough!!!.....Still not enough time though. Well this blog wont be about me complaining but to try and sort out what I have, get them painted and sort out what games I can play....

More to come........