Monday, April 26, 2010

Basing, lying down on the job.

I have been basing all my WW2 figures on washers, well the standing ones anyway. I do like the low profiles of the washers. The dilema is that the bases/washers are not big enough for prone figures or support weapons. At the moment the other options I have end up being as thick as the Warhammer stands. I did buy some Russians on ebay who were based on Warhammer bases (squares for standing and horse bases for prone.) and they do seem to bulky beside the washers.

I liked an idea the another site uses for his scenery. "Black Primer" uses old cd/dvd discs to base his terrain. I did think possibly using those mini cd (if I could get my hands on some) for at least the support teams if not the prone figures.

Apart from that I have limited options at this stage.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  1. I've been eyeing off these 40x20 and 50x25 bases from em4 miniatures. They *should* be big enough for most prone figures.

    Otherwise I'm pretty stoked with the 2mm plasticard I've used on my Pendraken stuff but cutting it up is pain.