Sunday, May 30, 2010

Robbery at Timboton City Bank

"A Brazen attack on the Timboton City Bank yesterday was partially foiled by the local law of the town. Four masked bandits raided the bank late in the afternoon just before closing, we believe in the attempt to have the whole night to get away before anyone knew that bank was robbed. The brave bank manager was severely wounded when he broke free and ran out to warn the towns folk. A gun fight in sued were two robbers were apprehended, while two more absconded with what money they could carry. Two of the fine law enforcement protecting this fine town have also been injured in the line of duty. We the citizens of this town are lucky to have such fine upstanding men protecting us. I am sure the two remaining desperado's will soon be captured. " An extract from the Timboton Gazette

I was in Bendigo yesterday and caught up Timbo for a game of anything that was available. So Gunshot was chosen. This was the first time I had played this and hadn't seen the rules but as Tim said it was very easy. We kept it simple. We didn't use any of the skills, just a straight out shooting match. Timbo took some shots of the game. But the scenario was a the Robbers (me) to get off the far table edge unfortunately there happened 4 law men (Tim) in the road.

I'm looking forward to playing this some more.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another one bites the dust,

Round 6 of the MBBL, for the Gavendorf Griffins. Up against a Necromancer team called "Screaming in the Night" (Run by Luke.). So far in the past five rounds I have had 3 losses and 2 forfeits, so not a stella start by any means.

With a low turn for the game of only 15000 fans. The "Griffins" had a 100k incentive which allowed for a little extra training. Even though the crowed was smallish they made themselves felt by throwing a rock and Ko'n one of my Catchers. This was going to set a bit of a trend for the Humans. The first half was a hard fought grinding game which saw 3 Humans in the K'o Box. The "Griffins" drive was easily blunted after Von Drake, the teams Thrower and captain had his head removed by a Flesh Golem; all the Apothecary could say was "Well, my jobs done here!" and the "Scream" scuttled one in on turn 6. And to make matters worse they got an extra player out of my player.

The 2nd half was another back and forth affair where the "Griffins" got on top and caused 2 casualties which allowed for some open spaces and was able to get through for a TD by turn 6. That effectively ended the game after that and ended in a stalemate.

It was the first time that I have used an Ogre, well in the past 10 or so years anyway and I would say he was close to best on ground by passing all his rolls for bone head, so therefore played havoc with the opposition.

But with another death in the team it makes it 3 deaths in 6 games. Still not as good as what the Norseberg raiders had but still worrying.

Also Luke was a great opponent, friendly and talkative which is always good, but doesn't always happen.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

For those about to Die! we salute you.

I have had the rules sitting around for a while for "Red Sand, Blue Sky." by Two Hour Wargames. I bought some 15mm Gladiators from Eureka miniatures a while ago when I first got the rules and some Castaway figure from ebay recently. So the stars have aligned! (and my wife is starting night shift; And seeing others playing it.) So I might get around to painting them up and trying to get a few games to see how it goes before I buy more 15mm or get some 28mm.

So starts the stories of Humodis and Vertos; Two newly aquired slaves from the recent expansion of the Roman empire. Sold to a lowly Roman Nobels for his ammusement and his gladiator stable.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gavendorf Griffins

As Bloodbowl is the only gaming I am actually doing at the moment I thought I might mention it....

This is my second full season with the MBBL where we play every 3 weeks. This season I have gone with a human team. The previous season I had played Norse and really struggled due to injuries and deaths and a lack of any coaching ability.

The Humans have put up a slightly better effort but not by much. The first 3 games have been losses. Two of the first 3 games were a 2-3 score lines. One against a slightly more developed Woodelf team and the second against Slann team. But the last 2 games have been Forfeit in my favour.

But a game, any game win, loss or draw is good and preferred.