Monday, May 9, 2011

Round 5 MBBL

Round 5 was going to be a tough challenge. Up against the "Skye Hoppers" a Slann team with a TV of over 2 million.

I didn't go any star players but did purchase the standard re rolls and Budweiser babes and 3x 50k mayhem card, 2 of which were used and one that I almost played in the last couple of turns.

Over all, the game was a real struggle. What didn't help was that my Ogre was Ko'd for the entire game from his first turn of the game. All I could do was hope to try and make him roll for everything. But by half time I only had 4 players on the field and was 1 -0 Down, Saying that, the touch down didn't happen till the last turn of the half. I ended up with 1 Badly Hurt and the rest Ko'd.

The second half was not really much better I was just trying to stem the flow of frogs. I was able to pull back a quick touchdown by opening a hole in his defence and with a pass to my 9 movement blitzer I was able to squeak in just before they could hit him. Once again my players did ended up in the dugout. Another TD was bounced in. I had 3 turns to equalise.

I had a bit of fun with the cards I had. I cant remember the names exactly. 1 was Rouge wizard. With this I was only able to stun one of his players. The other was a card that allowed me to take away a players skills for my turn and his. The 3rd card was I think Bad Moon which changed all the players stats to Goblins. I was very tempted to use this card but I had my 2 AG 4 players there for a pick up the ball and pass as well as a dodge.

So on my last turn I had a slim chance to for a touch down. My Blitzer Dodged away from one of the slan players and moved a couple the couple of squares to the ball. Picked up the ball in a tackle zone (using a re roll) and went to throw the ball and stuffed the throw to the catcher.....Doh!!!

2-1 Final score. Touch games.