Sunday, September 5, 2010

What another one!

Well it was the final game of the season. My Humans (128) vs Beer Chugging Dwarfs (162).

Not feeling confident against such a bashy type team I went with 2 Extra Re rolls and a Extra apothecary. Well and one was needed very early. 1st turn I had the ball, My Orge goes to hit a line man and rolls 2 Both down. I tried to use a re roll with the loner skill and bang not allowed. Rolled 10 for armour and 11 for injury followed by 63 on the injury table......DEAD! Luckily I think the Wandering Apothecary attended the Ogre because I rolled a 16 and he was back in the game, thank Sigmar! Even with such a disastrous start I was able to get a 5th turn touchdown. and only had 1 Ko for the rest of the half and I was able to BH a line man and his only available Troll slayer, So I was able to hold off his advances for the rest of the half.

The second half was a different story.
By the end of the second half I was luck to have 5 players on the field. The Ogre got BH a line man lost -1AV and my AG 4 Blitzer lost a -1MA I ended up not using the other Apothecary I was waiting for another death or a more serious injury. The Dwarfs were able to get an equaliser about the 5th turn of the half which gave me a chance. On the last turn of the game I had my thrower with the ball and a bitzer in the end zone and then promptly rolled two 2's and the ball went into the crowd.

So for a quick wrap up for the season. 11 games, 3 forfeits (meaning wins) 1 actual win, 3 draws and 4 losses. 13 TD's for and 13 TD's against, 13 casualties caused and 16 casualties received.

Not a Stella season by any means but I have been playing catch up with loosing some key players. Also if I play them next season my first game my team value will only be 102 until I get 3 players back for the following game. All things aside I will probably have another season with these guys even though I have a few other teams to try. Also I have to finish painting them along with everything else I have. But the weather will be getting a bit warmer and I wont freeze in the room that I have for my gaming room. :s

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