Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another one bites the dust.....again

Round 10 of the Melbourne Blood Bowl League.

The Gavendorf Griffins (My Human Team) TV 133 were to Play the League leader, the Fictional Folk (Human) TV 175.

Not having a Stella season I wasn't expecting to get a win or even a draw out of this game. I normally don't like hiring star players I went with "The Mighty Zug" to try and compensate for his extra strength player and his Ogre. and an extra re roll.

With the first drive the Griffins were able to get a turn four TD a completed pass by a line man needing a 6 due to being bright and having a tackle zone to a Blitzer in the end zone. The luck stuck with me for most of the game and Greg the other coach was rolling very poorly most of the time. Really the Fictional Folk had 3 good chances that should have been guaranteed TD's but just having a players there to make him roll those 1's.... Near the end of the last half he was able to cause some casualties and get a TD.

The game ended in a 1 all draw with 2 Badly Hurt and another death.

The 6th death for the team this season. 7 games played and 3 forfeits.....

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  1. You really should start playing an Undead team, you'd have a full roster in no time :)

    Good work on holding the game out to a draw, especially against a team with a 40+ higher TR.