Sunday, August 1, 2010

Puppy love.

I havent had much time to myself of late, we have had had a friend stay with us until he finds a new place to live. Now we have 1 dog, our friend had 3 before one gave birth to another 3 puppies, So as you can imaging the house isnt as spotless as it was. They are all great dogs but they do tend to follow you about and if you fall asleep on the couch you can find yourself with a fur coat on when you wake up. The 3 puppies are now seven weeks old and becoming more active.

I have decided to do a miniature count to actually figure out what I have. I have packed alot away in boxes and am unsure of what I have anymore and after about 20 years of hording I should make a list so I can make some realistic goals. I'm sick of not playing and when I do generally with unpainted or badly painted from years ago. I have started painting some Bloodbowl teams, Dwarf, Halflings and Humans.

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