Friday, June 11, 2010

The Run continues.

Round 7 at MBBL . The Gavendorf Griffins (My Humans) vs The Hewstone Gamblers. Getting 130+k worth of inducements went to an extra re roll for the game. I did consider the Budwiser babes but really how bad could it be, right!...

So far this season with a fresh team I have had 3 wins from forfeits, 1 Draw and 3 losses. So far out of 4 played games there has been 4 deaths.

First half: The game started off promising with winning the toss and receiving the ball. The opening block by Kronk (Ogre) was a casualty. But for most of the rest of the half the Griffin's fought to make a hole in the dwarfs defence. I think in turn 6 one of my catchers was block and killed. So the Apothecary was brought forth and earned his pay and revived the player. But more was to come. In the same turn 2 blitzers made a break with the ball down the left flank but were only stopped by 2 dwarfs who needed 4 go for it rolls , this included KO'ing the ball carrier. This changed the flow of the game. I think the dwarfs must have recovered from the hang over they must have been suffering earlier. By the end of the first half I had 4 in the KO box and 1 Blitzer Badly Hurt and my star Blitzer Dead. 5 Dead in 5 Games.!!!!!

Second Half: At the start of the Half the Griffin's had 8 fit players 1 Ogre, 1 Blitzer, 2 Catchers and 4 Linemen. The Dwarfs controlled the pace of the game for the rest of the half by slow ball movement (is there any other way with Dwarfs) of the ball and tried to grind down the remaining defenders. The Griffin's did almost cause a freak turn over but the numbers were not with me. By turn 7 I had 3 linemen left and the 2 catchers. and the Dwarfs walked in a TD. 1-0 and that is how it ended.

Postmortem: Well the horror run continues. With such a promising start for most of the first half the game devolved into a bloodbath. It shows what a bit of luck can do. The death toll is really telling on the team now. I still have 11 players for the next game but I only now have 2 Blitzers, 2 Catchers, 1 Ogre and 6 linemen. I only got 10k out of the winnings which gives me 70k in the bank. so no help there. With the lost of one of my star players my team value will drop back to about 118 I think.........Doh! One thing I have been happy with is the great performance by Kronk, he has been a great asset to the team and by far the best player in the team at the moment.

With only 4 games left in this season I am thinking that I will be looking at starting a new team once again for next season. I cant see them recovering from this. Time will tell.

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