Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Stomp ... Part1

It has been a while. I have been doing bits and pieces but no real gaming of any sort.

The last five games of the Blood Bowl league was gruelling, All against bashy teams. I ended up retiring pretty much all my line men due to to many injuries. So the Humans "Gavendorf Griffins" have been place on the inactive list.

Now I am working on two teams for next years season. 1st: The Stomp. An orc team. A mixture of plastic and old edition metals. 2nd: Is a Vampire team using Strigois as Vampires and the old metal Ghouls as thralls.

You may notice some WHF Black orcs which will be my Black Orc fill ins. Not sure what I will do with the plastic BO's at the moment, original I thought that they would be the other Blitzers but I have a couple of metals to do that. Nothing really new here, we have seen these used before. Like the human team these guys are to try and improve my painting. We will see.

I did pick these guys up cheaply and will be using the Orc as the coach. Also have a couple of these small guys as team markers with a little alteration. (This picture has been used without permission of GWS)

Hopefull have a bit done by christmas. We will see........

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