Saturday, April 6, 2013

MBBL Round 2

Match Notes:
The Crowd was expecting a lot of biffo in the game between "The Stomp" and "Sultans of Sth'ss Tor". Two Large and powerful teams.

Both teams put up a tough defense which did make it difficult for the smaller players on both team to squeeze through. The Sultans skinks were hard to put down even for one of the Stomps Black Orcs who rolled Double skulls twice. That and a rampaging Korxigor opened a sizable hole for a light footed skink late in the the first half to hand off the Sultans Journey man skink for the one and only TD for the game.

The Second half The Crowd grew restless and an unknown assailant took out a Saurus.(Police description mentioned he was green skinned and heavily muscled. But this could have been a supporter from either team.)

The Stomp tried to capitalise on the numerical advantage and looked like they were going to equelise but a fumbled catch stopped them from scoring. The ensuing scramble for the ball and who was carrying it ground down both team but ended really any chance for the Orc’s to equalise.

A win for the "Sultans of Sth'ss Tor".
A 1 - Nil win to the Sultans.  I would have been happy with the draw though.  I'm starting to think I might be a jinx to my teams that I play with apart from my Dwarfs.

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