Friday, July 26, 2013

Round 4. On a roll.

I didnt take any photos for this game.

Match notes
With the punishing heat on game day, it didn’t deter the crowd attending the game between The Stomp and the Gastly One's.
With the Skaven winning the toss they elected to receive. They showed there class and agility by making a near unstoppable drive and Malek the Gutter Runners trotted in a TD on their second turn. At the end of the drive several players collapsed on both sides from the heat.

With the next kick off both teams replaced the downed players from their reserves. Once the Orc’s received the ball they didn’t show any where near the smooth moves of the Skaven had and literally tripped over their own feet. With a large scrum forming in the middle of the ground the ball tumbled free and was scooped up by Warugnar the Blitzer. But this seemed to be missed by the skaven who seemed to be focused on the mass of struggling players. This allowed Warugnar to sneak away and steal a touchdown in the last turn of the 1st half.

The weather was still a scorcher and had taken more of a toll on the players. Gnarl the troll sat out the whole second half with the cooling vest on. But the punishing game that the Orc’s were playing was taking more of a price for the Skaven with only having  9 players to start the second half.

With the Orc’s receiving they were able to control the ball right up to 2 squares from the End Zone were Tonk was caught by a Lineman and a Gutter Runner. The ball bounced free and was picked up by a passing gutter runner who was not quiet fast enough to get away and was knocked down and the ball was free again. Warugnar the Blitzer was able to get to the ball and pass it to Terenya who had scrambled into the End zone in the Orc’s last turn for The Stomp’s 2nd TD.

The Games was quickly wrapped up with  2- 1 win to the Stomp.

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